Assessing the Damage

of our Historic Holy Trinity Cathedral

The historic Holy Trinity Cathedral sustained extensive damages on August 21st, 2018 when a 6.9 earthquake ravished the islands.

The earthquakes in 1825, 1918, and more recently 2018 caused substantial cracking and damage to walls, the steeple, and chancel roof, as well as the destruction of several stone pinnacles. The earthquake damaged the walls, pillars, pinnacles and decorative finials, along with other, minor damage, which is being repaired. The renovation is divided into four phases, with each costing a little over $20 million.

Major repair work is needed in the areas of the roof/ceiling; interior walls; exterior walls; stained glass windows; flooring; bells; organs and various electrical, mechanical and plumbing fixtures.
Reverend Dr. Shelley-Ann Tenia

Damage Eastern Side

Damage Southern Side

Damage Western Side

Damage Northern Side

Twisted orb and cross on the Bell Tower

The devastation caused was considerable. Services had to be conducted under tents on the grounds at the Cathedral and at an offsite facility.
Over $70 million is needed to help restore heavily damaged walls, pillars, pinnacles and decorative finials.

Interior Damage

The Sacristy

A room for keeping vestments (such as the alb and chasuble), sacred vessels, and parish records.