Restoration of the Anglican

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Port of Spain

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is one of Port of Spain’s oldest surviving structures.

it was damaged in 2018’s 6.9 magnitude earthquake.

Over $70 million is needed to help restore heavily damaged walls, pillars, pinnacles and decorative finials.

Help us rebuild.


The Holy Trinity Cathedral, a National Heritage Site Asset of the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago and architectural gem is in dire need of repair and refurbishment emanating out of damage from the 2018 earthquake which damaged the exterior and interior of the structure.

The historic Holy Trinity Cathedral located in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago sustained extensive damages on August 21st, 2018 when a 6.9 earthquake ravished the islands.

Subsequent to that, on October 20th, 2018, the islands experienced another catastrophic disaster after 3 days of heavy rainfall, the rivers finally burst their banks and there was flooding throughout the islands.

The devastation caused was considerable. Services had to be conducted under tents on the grounds at the Cathedral and at an offsite facility.

As a result of wear and tear over the years and the devastation of the hurricane, the Holy Trinity Cathedral requires a $70M (TT) or $11M (US) repair, over the next 5 years, to restore this historic building.

We are asking our parishioners, donors, patrons, family and friends (both locally and internationally) to assist in this undertaking by making weekly, monthly and/or yearly donations to the ‘Holy Trinity Cathedral Restoration Fund.’

Reconstruction Challenges

The earthquake damaged the walls, pillars, pinnacles and decorative finials, along with other, minor damage, which is being repaired. The renovation is divided into four phases, with each costing a little over $20 million.

Over $70 million is needed to help restore the heavily damaged walls, pillars, pinnacles and decorative finials.
Restoration Progress


Watch the Formal Launch of the Holy Trinity Cathedral Restoration Fund streaming live on Sunday 14th November 2021 at 5.00pm.

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